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Do good with your old tech.

Zolo E-waste partner.

About ZOLO.

Zolo is a Tech Social Enterprise, on a brave mission to partner big to create equal learning and access opportunities, breaking the cycle of social disadvantage by unlocking work and study opportunities by providing access to technology.

Zolo supports businesses to properly manage their technology waste in a way that's better for the planet and people. We collect old business tech and wipe data securely, delivering that same tech to kids and communities in need via our Non-For-Profit partner — we also have the capacity to recycle other forms of E-Waste such as servers, monitors, phones, cables etc.

We wish to collaborate with businesses and organisations to deliver sustainability and positive disposal in action, decommissioning their end-of-life tech — this will ultimately accelerate our capacity to give back and create a positive impact on society.

How Zolo works.

Zolo will take care of the logistics of transporting your old tech from your office OR we can supply containers that will then be stored in your office and we can then collect this periodically.

We use a market-leading data erasure software, Blancco - to ensure your data is erased in accordance with your data security requirements . We issue a certificate to you
as a standard.

Extending the product lifecycle of your old business tech, so your devices are doing good, long after you’ve disposed of them.

  • Free Business E-waste Collection Service

  • Social Impact Action

  • Complimentary Asset Disposal Report

  • Standard Data Destruction Certificate via Blancco

  • Lifetime Account Management Support For Businesses

  • 100% Diverted From Landfill

What next?

To book a pickup or talk more about the e-waste recycling service by Zolo, give us a call on

1300 960 949 or fill out the form and we will call you.

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