9 ways to protect your business from a cyber-attack

Updated: Mar 15

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has issued an advisory for all Australian businesses and organisations in light of recent global events. Organisations are encouraged to urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security position.

With the rise of cyber-attacks, businesses need to invest in their security to ensure they are protected with adequate measures, regardless of whether you have one employee or 1000!

  1. Education Educate your employees on the dangers of cyber-attacks and how to protect themselves, and to be able to spot phishing scams. Training should be conducted often, especially when changes are introduced to the network and with new employees.

  2. Secure the Network Install a firewall with Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems to secure the network from outside threats.

  3. Passwords Use strong passwords! Don't make it so hard that you can't remember it, and don't make it so simple that it can be found in the dictionary. A combination of words or a phrase with a mixture of upper/lower case and numbers/characters is recommended.

  4. Backup regularly Make sure your data is being backed up to the cloud as well as local and that backups are being tested. If you do get compromised, backup may be the only remaining option to get you back into business.

  5. Authorised access Restrict staff access to sensitive data and only to those who need it.

  6. Implement Endpoint Detection and Response EDR will protect your devices from malware, viruses and cyber-attacks with the latest technology, surpassing outdated antivirus solutions. A modern EDR can even roll back from a ransomware attack, minimising the disruption to business.

  7. Deploy Multi-factor authentication Wherever possible, enable MFA on your accounts (not just for work, but for personal accounts such as social media and online banking). In cases where your password has been stolen, the extra verification required to log in will protect your account.

  8. Up to date devices Ensure all your devices are up to date with the latest updates and patches and are monitored to ensure compliance.

  9. Implement our "Office Protect" solution Contact National Tech to discuss our Modern Workplace solution, "Office Protect," which is backed by industry best practices and utilises the leading Microsoft 365 platform.