#WFH Tips and tricks with Microsoft Teams

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Tip 1: Leverage Video Calls in Microsoft Teams

You’re likely used to meeting face to face, trying to book a room, and maybe even trying to wrangle colleagues from other meetings. With Microsoft Teams, however, this entire process is streamlined.

Now you’ll be able to easily jump on a Teams video call and discuss details of a project to keep things personal while you’re not in the office.

The video functionality comes with some cool features, too; blurred backgrounds are a great way to eliminate distractions during video calls. You can record it as well so those team members that cannot make the meeting can still get the information accurately.

Tip 2: @Mentions Are Your Friend

Have you ever had to get the focus of a colleague for a project but had a hard time getting their attention? @mentions can be used to tag collaborators in relevant discussions. I use @mentions to get the attention and input of colleagues right away. Daily operations often consume our time, so it’s a lot easier to post a quick @mention in the relevant chat. This way they can get to it when their schedule permits.

Tip 3: Collaborate in Real-Time!

The ability to create, view and edit Office 365 documents in real-time makes working back in the office seem like the stone age. This feature highlights the flexibility of collaboration by allowing members to perform live reviews of documents and make edits as needed.

There is no need to try and book a room so your team can work on a document together. Simply set a Teams meeting and share the document in the meeting so everyone can work on it right then and there.

Tip 4: Use Microsoft Planner for simple task management

One perk Teams offers is that you can use Microsoft apps like Planner inside Teams.

Planner is a task-management tool for small teams and is a great way to track tasks and then reference them in Teams without a lot of fuss — plus you won’t need a third-party task manager. You can also “pin” the Planner app to any channel to make it more accessible in one click.