Modern workplace.

Everything you need, wherever you need it, in one solution.


At National Tech, we’ve spent years refining the journey to the digital future for small and medium-sized businesses. Based on our extensive experience, we’ve established The National Tech Method as more a way of thinking than a template for all businesses. Its framework enables us to quickly create a long-term design for you that dives deep into your unique business requirements and wraps a tailored service around your business goals.


Our unique approach and the modern workplace bundle makes digital transformation not a reaction to the outside world, but a powerful, proactive strategy for growth based on your vision, increased productivity goals and more efficient use of capital and operating funds. It helps you identify a single, simple-to-manage Microsoft environment that can change and scale with your needs.


Within a new, mobile-enabled environment, your employees can work securely on any device they choose, from any location. And they’ll continue to use the productivity tools they know such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. This assures universal adoption while increasing productivity and worker satisfaction.



The modern workplace offers increased productivity by allowing you to securely work on documents, access emails,  attend online meetings and much more, from anywhere and any device.



Digital collaborations bring your employees even closer together. Co-authoring of documents and virtual meetings mean your employees can work together in an instant.



We create security and data prevention policies that are designed specifically for your industry sector or organisational requirements.


The way a business collaborates in the workplace is transforming. To remain competitive, you need to optimise how your staff and teams work together. With improved collaboration, your business can be more productive, reduce costs, and enable people to work almost anywhere.

With Microsoft Teams and SharePoint as the foundation of your Teamwork solution, we can help your business be more productive, reduce costs, and work anywhere – all while growing your business.

Office protect.

Businesses like yours are targets for cyberattacks because they are viewed as having minimal defences to modern day threats. An anti-virus solution alone is incapable of addressing the security risks today's businesses face. This is where a proactive approach to security is imperative. There’s too much at stake to let your business roll the dice on security.

With Microsoft 365 as the foundation of your security solution, National Tech can help your business protect it’s assets, simplify your security strategy, and confidently embrace new technology – all while growing your business.


Office Protect by National Tech consists of a comprehensive and robust security analysis and then ongoing security management to ensure your team can work securely from any location, at any time.

The Office Protect bundle includes all of the features of the Teamwork bundle, with added Advanced Security to give you the best in productivity, collaboration and security.

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